General Studies

“It has been an outstanding experience for the whole family, and I am confident my children can compete academically with any student in the country. After seeing the amazing education my sons received from Beth Hillel, I plan to enroll my daughter when she starts school.”

– Beth Hillel Day School parent

Our accrediting organization, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, commended us for “providing a rich, challenging and diverse program for students across all subject areas.”


Reading and Writing Workshop, developed at Columbia University, is at the heart of our LANGUAGE ARTS Curriculum. Students are taught to read using a balanced approach that integrates all aspects of the reading process. The children read books that are “just right” while learning the thinking strategies they need to understand complex texts. Reading and writing are integrated daily; students learn to write with purpose as they select topics of interest to them. Students learn to communicate their ideas and understand that their writing conveys meaning, while studying spelling and grammar. Best of all, this highly differentiated approach means that every child works at his/her individual level at all times, ensuring that students are ready to be effective communicators in middle school and beyond.


Singapore Math emphasizes mastery of math concepts and trains students to connect different mathematical ideas using words and word problems. Using objects, pictures, songs, stories and drawings, students learn number sense, mental math and algebraic thinking from the youngest ages.

Parents ranked Beth Hillel Elementary School’s math program #1 in North America, on the Measuring Success survey among Jewish Day Schools.

Students learn
SCIENCE in our new science lab where they explore aspects of physical science, earth science and life science through the acclaimed Foss Hands-On Science Program. Students discover science as scientists do, by thinking critically and solving problems using the scientific method. Our older students engage in engineering and robotics in addition to their studies of everyday science. Every student in TK-6 participates in our annual Science Fair.

Our project-based SOCIAL STUDIES allows children to learn about their place in their family, community and the world. Upper grade students study peoples and cultures. All classes incorporate experiential and project-based approaches to learning. Field trips introduce students to various aspects of our diverse, multicultural society.

In all of our subjects, teachers use technology, books, field trips, discussions and hands-on projects to ignite a love of learning and deep engagement with the information.