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The ones that are not, are modified before * the query is run to convert them to the proper syntax. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access public * * @param $args array The array of arguments that can be passed in and used for setting up this payment query. */ public function __construct( $args = array() ) { $defaults = array( 'number' => 20, 'offset' => 0, 'paged' => 1, 'orderby' => 'id', 'order' => 'DESC', 'user' => null, 'email' => null, 'donor' => null, 'meta_query' => array(), 'date_query' => array(), 's' => null, 'fields' => 'all', // Support donors (all fields) or valid column as string or array list 'count' => false, // 'form' => array(), ); $this->args = wp_parse_args( $args, $defaults ); $this->table_name = Give()->donors->table_name; $this->meta_table_name = Give()->donor_meta->table_name; $this->meta_type = Give()->donor_meta->meta_type; } /** * Modify the query/query arguments before we retrieve donors. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access public * * @return void */ public function init() { } /** * Retrieve donors. * * The query can be modified in two ways; either the action before the * query is run, or the filter on the arguments (existing mainly for backwards * compatibility). * * @since 1.8.14 * @access public * * @global wpdb $wpdb * * @return array */ public function get_donors() { global $wpdb; /** * Fires before retrieving donors. * * @since 1.8.14 * * @param Give_Donors_Query $this Donors query object. */ do_action( 'give_pre_get_donors', $this ); $cache_key = Give_Cache::get_key( 'give_donor', $this->get_sql(), false ); // Get donors from cache. $this->donors = Give_Cache::get_db_query( $cache_key ); if ( is_null( $this->donors ) ) { if ( empty( $this->args['count'] ) ) { $this->donors = $wpdb->get_results( $this->get_sql() ); } else { $this->donors = $wpdb->get_var( $this->get_sql() ); } Give_Cache::set_db_query( $cache_key, $this->donors ); } /** * Fires after retrieving donors. * * @since 1.8.14 * * @param Give_Donors_Query $this Donors query object. */ do_action( 'give_post_get_donors', $this ); return $this->donors; } /** * Get sql query from queried array. * * @since 2.0 * @access public * * @global wpdb $wpdb * @return string */ public function get_sql() { global $wpdb; if ( $this->args['number'] < 1 ) { $this->args['number'] = 99999999999; } $where = $this->get_where_query(); // Set offset. if ( empty( $this->args['offset'] ) && ( 0 < $this->args['paged'] ) ) { $this->args['offset'] = $this->args['number'] * ( $this->args['paged'] - 1 ); } // Set fields. $fields = "{$this->table_name}.*"; if ( ! empty( $this->args['fields'] ) && 'all' !== $this->args['fields'] ) { if ( is_string( $this->args['fields'] ) ) { $fields = "{$this->table_name}.{$this->args['fields']}"; } elseif ( is_array( $this->args['fields'] ) ) { $fields = "{$this->table_name}." . implode( " , {$this->table_name}.", $this->args['fields'] ); } } // Set count. if ( ! empty( $this->args['count'] ) ) { $fields = "COUNT({$this->table_name}.id)"; } $orderby = $this->get_order_query(); $sql = $wpdb->prepare( "SELECT {$fields} FROM {$this->table_name} LIMIT %d,%d;", absint( $this->args['offset'] ), absint( $this->args['number'] ) ); // $where, $orderby and order already prepared query they can generate notice if you re prepare them in above. // WordPress consider LIKE condition as placeholder if start with s,f, or d. $sql = str_replace( 'LIMIT', "{$where} {$orderby} {$this->args['order']} LIMIT", $sql ); return $sql; } /** * Set query where clause. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access private * * @global wpdb $wpdb * @return string */ private function get_where_query() { $where = ''; // Get sql query for meta. if ( ! empty( $this->args['meta_query'] ) ) { $meta_query_object = new WP_Meta_Query( $this->args['meta_query'] ); $meta_query = $meta_query_object->get_sql( $this->meta_type, $this->table_name, 'id' ); $where = implode( '', $meta_query ); } $where .= 'WHERE 1=1 '; $where .= $this->get_where_search(); $where .= $this->get_where_email(); $where .= $this->get_where_donor(); $where .= $this->get_where_user(); $where .= $this->get_where_date(); return trim( $where ); } /** * Set email where clause. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access private * * @global wpdb $wpdb * @return string */ private function get_where_email() { global $wpdb; $where = ''; if ( ! empty( $this->args['email'] ) ) { if ( is_array( $this->args['email'] ) ) { $emails_count = count( $this->args['email'] ); $emails_placeholder = array_fill( 0, $emails_count, '%s' ); $emails = implode( ', ', $emails_placeholder ); $where .= $wpdb->prepare( "AND {$this->table_name}.email IN( $emails )", $this->args['email'] ); } else { $where .= $wpdb->prepare( "AND {$this->table_name}.email = %s", $this->args['email'] ); } } return $where; } /** * Set donor where clause. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access private * * @global wpdb $wpdb * @return string */ private function get_where_donor() { $where = ''; // Specific donors. if ( ! empty( $this->args['donor'] ) ) { if ( ! is_array( $this->args['donor'] ) ) { $this->args['donor'] = explode( ',', $this->args['donor'] ); } $donor_ids = implode( ',', array_map( 'intval', $this->args['donor'] ) ); $where .= "AND {$this->table_name}.id IN( {$donor_ids} )"; } return $where; } /** * Set date where clause. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access private * * @global wpdb $wpdb * @return string */ private function get_where_date() { $where = ''; // Donors created for a specific date or in a date range if ( ! empty( $this->args['date_query'] ) ) { $date_query_object = new WP_Date_Query( is_array( $this->args['date_query'] ) ? $this->args['date_query'] : wp_parse_args( $this->args['date_query'] ), "{$this->table_name}.date_created" ); $where .= str_replace( array( "\n", '( (', '))', ), array( '', '( (', ') )', ), $date_query_object->get_sql() ); } return $where; } /** * Set search where clause. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access private * * @global wpdb $wpdb * @return string */ private function get_where_search() { $where = ''; // Donors created for a specific date or in a date range if ( ! empty( $this->args['s'] ) && false !== strpos( $this->args['s'], ':' ) ) { $search_parts = explode( ':', $this->args['s'] ); if ( ! empty( $search_parts[0] ) ) { switch ( $search_parts[0] ) { case 'name': $where = "AND {$this->table_name}.name LIKE '%{$search_parts[1]}%'"; break; case 'note': $where = "AND {$this->table_name}.notes LIKE '%{$search_parts[1]}%'"; break; } } } return $where; } /** * Set user where clause. * * @since 1.8.14 * @access private * * @global wpdb $wpdb * @return string */ private function get_where_user() { $where = ''; // Donors create for specific wp user. if ( ! empty( $this->args['user'] ) ) { if ( ! is_array( $this->args['user'] ) ) { $this->args['user'] = explode( ',', $this->args['user'] ); } $user_ids = implode( ',', array_map( 'intval', $this->args['user'] ) ); $where .= "AND {$this->table_name}.user_id IN( {$user_ids} )"; } return $where; } /** * Set orderby query * * @since 1.8.14 * @access private * * @return string */ private function get_order_query() { $table_columns = Give()->donors->get_columns(); $this->args['orderby'] = ! array_key_exists( $this->args['orderby'], $table_columns ) ? 'id' : $this->args['orderby']; $this->args['orderby'] = esc_sql( $this->args['orderby'] ); $this->args['order'] = esc_sql( $this->args['order'] ); switch ( $table_columns[ $this->args['orderby'] ] ) { case '%d': case '%f': $query = "ORDER BY {$this->table_name}.{$this->args['orderby']}+0"; break; default: $query = "ORDER BY {$this->table_name}.{$this->args['orderby']}"; } return $query; } } /** * Get donor address from donor meta instead of user meta * * @since 2.0 * * @param $meta_value * @param $user_id * @param $meta_key * @param $single * * @return string|array */ function __give_v20_bc_user_address( $meta_value, $user_id, $meta_key, $single ) { if ( give_has_upgrade_completed( 'v20_upgrades_user_address' ) && '_give_user_address' === $meta_key ) { $meta_value = give_get_donor_address( $user_id ); if ( $single ) { $meta_value = array( $meta_value ); } } return $meta_value; } add_filter( 'get_user_metadata', '__give_v20_bc_user_address', 10, 4 ); njuig, uzx, flw, pc0e, wb3wo, zx, 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Middle School professionals throughout Los Angeles often comment, “You can always tell which children came from Beth Hillel; they are poised, self-confident and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.” 
95% of graduates are placed in their first choice for middle school in top schools such as: Oakwood, The Buckley School, Campbell Hall, Heschel, Kadima, Millikan Academies (Performing Arts, Civics, Mathematics, Cinematic Arts).
We also have a high percentage of students who receive the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence and who have qualified to participate in the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.