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2021-2022 Annual Report


This year our synagogue celebrated 75 years of service to the community!

An essential part of the Temple Beth Hillel community is our Day School. While a milestone anniversary is often celebrated with fanfare and big moments of commemoration, children always help draw our attention to the smaller moments of magic, wonder, and joy.

There is no better sight than the pride on students’ faces as they share their Science Fair projects. There is no better sound than the giggles of kinder kiddos chasing a slippery apple across a cutting board to make charoset. There is no better texture than the hardened paper mache on the animals created by our kindergartners. No better smell than freshly filled hamentaschen coming out of the oven. No better taste than the Littmus Lozenges at our book party, and no better feeling than our community gathering together for a Shabbat picnic.

These small moments reveal how our community is shaped. It is in these proud smiles, sweet giggles, tastes of celebration, and spirit of community that it is clear how each and every soul’s inherent holiness is created in God’s image. As we look back on the 2021-2022 school year we are reminded of the sentiments of gratitude, growth, and optimism. We are grateful for the partnership of students, staff, and families. We are proud of our growth as individuals and as a collective, and we are excited about the promise of a bright future seen through the eyes of our students!


Beth Hillel Day School gives many heartfelt thanks to the following individuals, foundations, and corporations for their Annual Campaign gifts. The Annual Campaign is crucial to the success of BHDS, supporting approximately 5% of the annual operating budget, equal to about one-third of the amount awarded in tuition assistance year after year. The 2021-2022 Annual Campaign had 91% participation across the key constituencies. 

The Akzin Perri Family
The Alexander Family
The Asbel Family
The Bereny Family
The Beyer Family
Glenn Block
The Bowling Family
The Brenner Family
The Cane Family
The Chao Family
The Caspi Family
Doug Cohn
Julie Davis
Shana Dienstag
The Dolkart Family
Rebecca Edwards
The Farrow Family
Amy Fasciglione
The Faust Family
The Fey Family
The Frankenthal Family
The Freedman Family
The Joel Martin Family

The Johnson Family
The Friedericks Family
The Gardner Family
The Gelb Family
Freddie Goldberg
Eric and Susan Goldman
Donald Greenlee

Shanti Greenspan
The Grinberg Family
The Grobeson Family
The Gutin Petersil Family
David and Jo Haimovitz
Joseph Hakimi
Soheila Hakimian
The Hazelhurst Family
Ellie Hebden
Michael Heiss
The Hirsch Family
The Hoffman Family
The Hronsky Family
The Jacks Family
Erika Jarrick
Kathryn and Greg Jensen

The Kitsis Family
The Krassenbaum Family
Thomas Klemperer

The Lasdon Family
The Levin Family
The Lodmer Family
The Lucaric Family
Kelly McCool
The Madden Family
Kate Martung
Margie Meadow
The Michrowski Family
Rebecca Mickley
Andrew Miller
The Morris Family
Barbara and David Motz
Leslie Nathan

The Pasternak Picus Family
Jean Pearlstein
The Perez Family

The Perilstein Family
The Petersil Levin Family
The Post Family

The Prouty Family
The Radell Family
Danielle Robinson
The Rosenberg Family
The Rosenblatt Family
The Rosett Family
The Roth Family
The Schechter Family
The Schensul Family
The Soley Family
The Sonenthal Strauss Family
The Steinberg Family
Jamie Stevens
The Taylor Family
Rabbi Faith Tessler
The Tisdale Family
The Tonkins Family
The Weinberger Family
The Weiner Family
The Weise Family
The Weiss Family
The Wellisch Family
The Wisner Family