Grades TK - 6

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Beth Hillel Elementary Tuition Assistance Survey


    The Board of Beth Hillel Day School is committed to providing tuition assistance to families who demonstrate the financial need. Enclosed are all materials needed to apply. There are two application forms: an application for FACTS Grant and Aid Assessment and a CONFIDENTIAL Request for Tuition Assistance application for Beth Hillel Day School. Our Tuition Assistance Committee will use both the recommendation from FACTS and the CONFIDENTIAL Request for Tuition Assistance to determine your tuition assistance.

    To assure fairness, need is assessed in two ways: 1) by FACTS, a nationally recognized organization that utilizes a time-tested methodology to examine each family’s income and assets, and 2) through your request for Tuition Assistance, which informs our Committee about expenses and financial circumstances that may not be included in the FACTS application. To ensure confidentiality and impartiality, neither BHDS parents nor staff review your materials.

    The FACTS application must be submitted online. The CONFIDENTIAL Request for Tuition Assistance should be filled out online, printed out, and submitted directly to the Day School office. Your application, which includes both forms and all supporting materials must be completed by February 1.

    Because we subscribe to deadlines for Admission determined by the Association of Elementary School Admissions Directors, we must determine financial awards by March 10. Therefore, applications including 2022 tax returns, 2022 W2 forms, 2021 tax returns, and 2021 W2 forms must be submitted to FACTS and included with your Tuition Assistance Information on time. Late applications will be subject to reduced awards, based on the availability of remaining funds.

    If you have any questions as you fill out the forms, please feel free to call April Perez at 818-763-8308.