What Every School Can Learn From Preschools (from NPR Ed)

This article is incredibly validating. Our entire program at Beth Hillel Elementary is designed to foster academic success, while never sacrificing emphasis on social-emotional and personal development.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that Beth Hillel Elementary’s program is heavily influenced by Carol Dweck’s research. Furthermore our staff is highly trained in the Responsive Classroom approach.

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Steam week has been amazing! Click on STEAM Week (above) to read more.

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It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as Part of the Learning Process

9 Ways to Teach With Mistakes

The problem for students is not that they make mistakes. The real problem is that teachers don’t use those mistakes to allow and promote learning. Because shame is currently attached to mistakes, students are afraid to take chances, explore, and think for themselves. As a clear example of how damaging this view can be, look at the makeup of most gifted and talented programs. In far too many schools, the students in these classes are not the most creative risk takers or unique thinkers. They are the students who scored the highest on standardized tests. Therefore, we label as gifted or talented the students who make the fewest mistakes. I believe that it’s a mistake to think of mistakes as something bad. When mistakes become learning opportunities, everything changes. Students take more risks, think in new ways, cheat less, and solve mysteries that had previously eluded them.

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Have you vaccinated?

The children in our school have ALL met their vaccination deadlines this year!

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