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Were you at the Beth Hillel Wendy Mogel speker series event back in 2012? She has some timely advice for parents as the school year starts back up. My favorites are #1, #7, #14 and #21. How will you help your child to be self-reliant, resilient, and accountable, yet have a spirit of adventure this year?
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SB 1266 will provide an additional layer of safety for all of our school children, both with and without previously diagnosed food allergies. I urge the Assembly Appropriations Committee to stand in support with parents like me who want to place a simple and safe solution to stock epinephrine auto-injectors and prevent potential and unnecessary deaths.
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* 25% of our students scored in the 9th stanine, which means they were in the top 4% of students who tested nationally! * 50% of our students scored in the 8th stanine (or higher), which is the top 11% * 69% of our students scored in the 7th stanine (or higher), which is the top 23%
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A new book by Joshua Wolf Shenk, Powers of Two, explores the importance of the 4 Cs in the real world. In Powers of Two, Shenk argues that working in pairs promotes innovation. While Shenk isn’t necessarily advocating for educational reform, his book certainly gives us fodder for thought.
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