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The good news is that being caring and being a high achiever are not necessarily at odds with each other. Positive psychologists like Martin Seligman emphasize that "authentic happiness" comes from connection with other people, not just pursuing self-interest. Not only that, but empathy does tend to improve one's collaboration skills, which have made it onto the short list of "21st century literacies (COMMUNICATION, COLLABORATION, CREATIVITY and CRITICAL THINKING)" suggesting that getting along with others is integral to achievement.
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Betsy Brown Braun is a parenting expert, behavior specialist, educator and best-selling author who tells it like it is! I especially enjoy the way she encourages adults to think about how our own behaviors, what we say and how we say it can impact our kids.
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I took several interesting classes pertaining to: virtual math manipulatives and games that address common mathematical misconceptions children have, using sensors on iPads and iPhones in the science classroom, electronic NASA resources that are available, teaching children computer coding, and attended a seminar with tips for successful technology grant writing.
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Parents who want their children to be more honest might be better off trying to make them feel more like George Washington than Pinocchio.
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