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  • 37% of Beth Hillel Elementary families have already made a commitment to give. Please join this group of leaders in helping us reach 100% participation in the first 100 Days!
  • Doing our part to heal the world! Grades 3-5 ventured to Santa Monica to clean the beach this week.
  • Learning about the many blessings of the Amidah during T’filah this morning.
  • How nice to celebrate Shabbat together! #showupforshabbat
  • Grateful for these morning assembly leaders bathed in the light from @tbhla stained glass windows. #showupforshabbat
  • Join us tomorrow for Tot Shabbat at 6:00pm or a more adult experience at 7:00pm. #showupforshabbat

How Do We Measure Up?

At Beth Hillel, we often talk about how our academic program promotes collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking.

Beth Hillel Elementary was ranked #1, nationally, on the Measuring Success survey for our math program. We also ranked in the top three schools, nationally, for STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math Integration. Here is some data to back up these claims.

Our students’ Educational Records Bureau (ERB) results are evidence of the excellence of our school’s program. Students in grades 4-6 take the ERB each spring, which is a standardized test comparing them to other private school students across the country. Unlike the standardized tests children take in California public schools, the ERB has a constructed response section that looks at students’ thinking, not just bubbled in answers.

On the critical thinking section of the test:
* 25% of our students scored in the 9th stanine, which means they were in the top 4% of students who tested nationally!
* 50% of our students scored in the 8th stanine (or higher), which is the top 11%
* 69% of our students scored in the 7th stanine (or higher), which is the top 23%