Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Social Studies:

Second Graders are participating in our 2/3 Poetry Contest for the poems we are writing in Writing Workshop.  We are sharing the favorite books we have read this year with each other during reading workshop.  In second grade social studies we will be sharing our realistic fiction stories this week.

This week was short but productive.  All the third graders finished reading their Native American research papers and  have completed all the end of the year assessments.  We are continuing our unit on the Trail of Tears and our read a loud, Soft Rain.  They are writing down the important events in each chapter, making text to text and self to text connections and making predictions based on the events of the story.


Second grade continues to work in the 3a book with place value. Third Graders are continuing with the unit on the metric system.  In this unit they will review meters and centimeters, find the numbers of centimeters in a meter, and add and subtract meters and centimeters in compound units.



This week we spent time reviewing the material learned in class during the whole year. We had a few competitions that allowed the students to show off the knowledge that they have acquired during the school year as well as working with partners and individually. I would advise all the 3rd grade students to work on our reading website during the summer in order to come prepared to the 4th grade. I wish you all a safe and enjoyable summer.

Jewish Studies:


Monday: Class Party,  General Studies,  Hebrew,  Jewish Studies

Tuesday:  Sixth Graduation at 5:00 pm.

Wednesday:  Last Day of School–Talent Show-10:00 am-12:00 pm.  All School Picnic after the Talent Show.

Wishing everyone a wonderful summer.