Reading Workshop

In Reading Workshop we practiced how to read the same book over a period of a few days. Each day when you return to the book, you can retell a little of what you read the day before. This will help to refresh your memory, so that you can then find your place and pick up where you left off. As the students advance through the levels into chapter books, this will help them be able to maintain focus over time.

Writing Workshop

This week in Writing Workshop, the students continued to work on their Small Moments. This mini-unit is really to get their feet wet with the concept of taking something that happened to them and zooming in. This will lead them into the start of second grade. As I mentioned earlier, students will be bringing home unfinished Small Moments stories, and are welcome to finish and/or add to them as they decide. They will also get an opportunity to write some Small Moments in their summer packets.


We finished our Math book with Unit 19: Money. When you’re out and about this summer, invite your child to help you pick out what coins/bills are needed to pay, and to think about what change you might receive.

This summer in the summer packets, students will see pages where they can practice their addition and subtraction math facts. Being able to recall these math facts in a “snap” will be incredibly helpful as they continue into second grade. Please make sure that your child continue to practice math facts over the summer, even if they’ve “mastered” the addition facts.

Social Studies

This week we read a Cinderella story from China. The story focused on Yeh-Shen, the Cinderella character, who loses a gold slipper at a village festival. The gold slipper makes its way to the king, who has his servants search high and low for the owner. Eventually they find Yeh-Shen, the king and Yeh-Shen marry, and they live happily ever after. The students looked for similarities and differences between Yeh-Shen and the original Cinderella, and then we found China on a map.



Jewish Studies


Monday: Social Studies, Read Aloud (Matilda)

Tuesday: P.E., Class Party at 2:15; 6th Grade Graduation @ 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday: LAST DAY OF SCHOOL – Talent Show 10-12; School ends at 12