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Learning Goals

Beth Hillel Elementary brings out the best in each individual child. This effort is centered around developing these five key characteristics:

Critical Thinkers
Gather, evaluate, and construct meaning from a variety of sources
Design and implement strategies for solving problems
Develop questions, create hypotheses, gather data, analyze the results and make conclusions
Support claims using evidence
Quality Producers
Design artifacts of academic self-expression
Work collaboratively with others to achieve common goals
Write effectively in multiple genres considering structure, development, and conventions.
Articulate ideas clearly, creatively, and effectively orally and through various media
Jewish Community Members
Develop a foundational knowledge of Jewish history, texts, rituals, and values
Experience communicating, reading, and writing in Hebrew
Value their Jewish identity, the Hebrew language, and connection to Israel
Participate in Tikkun Olam through mitzvot, initiatives, advocacy, and tzedakah
Respectful Leaders
Value themselves, others, and the environment
Celebrate differences and diversity through empathy
Take on leadership roles within their classes, peer groups, and the school community
Take responsibility for their behavior and decisions
Reflective Learners
Develop a growth-based mindset through motivation and optimism
Demonstrate curiosity and the desire to learn more
Understand how they learn and apply appropriate learning strategies
Exercise self-control