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  • Our little ones are rehearsing for our Spring production of Peter Pan!
  • Happy 100 Days!  This week celebrated 100 days of critical thinking, respectful leading, quality producing, reflective learning, and community!
  • It’s a very exciting morning in Mrs. Wisner’s class. Happy 100th Day!
  • Shabbat Morning Minyan was beautiful! Our students did a superb job in leading our service, our 1st-graders were presented their special Siddur covers design by their parents, and the Jewish Studies Art-Integrated projects were spectacular.
  • Greetings from Wacky Hair Wednesday!
  • How nice to see a rainbow over our school after a long storm!

21st Century Education

Rather than going to a “technology lab,” our students learn to use technology as a fully integrated learning tool.

Students in transitional kindergarten through third grade use iPads, laptops, desktops. in grades 4 – 6, students are assigned their own iPad, which is used throughout the day every day. We extensively teach our students informational literacy: how to find information, validate information, use information ethically, and how to synthesize information for their own purposes.

A recent study from the MacArthur foundation found that, by their estimates, 65% of the jobs current elementary students will do when they grow up have not yet been invented. Whatever technology our current third graders will be into when they graduate high school probably won’t be invented for another 7 years. The speed of change in our world is electrifying, and we are preparing students for a world that does not yet exist and we cannot imagine.

The study points out specific skills students will need to thrive in this future world. Our students need to communicate, be creative, collaborate and think critically. Our curriculum emphasizes building these four skills through Project Based Learning, and technology is integrated, as needed, throughout the subjects.