Beth Hillel Elementary is on the cutting edge of research into the neuro-psychological development of students.
In the 21st century, academic preparedness is only part of the work schools should be doing with children. As Paul Tough argues in his book, How Children Succeed, character strengths such as persistence, character and grit are also vital to success.
Beth Hillel Elementary has partnered with Dr. Angela Duckworth-one of the preeminent researchers in the field of neuro-psychological development of children. You are sure to enjoy her TEDTalk that introduced the concept, grit, as a term for sticking with things over the very long term until you master them. She and her team conducted research at Beth Hillel Elementary as part of “The Penn Study of High Success.” Students in grade 3-6 took part in a grit-building program with the intent of not only helping our children build grit, but the hope that this work will help provide a better understanding of how grit can be enhanced in all children.
Our program focuses on the top five Character Strengths that are proven and widely accepted by researchers as indicators of future success and happiness in life: Motivation, Self-Control, Optimism, Curiosity and Empathy.