Beth Hillel Elementary recently received national recognition for STEAM, our integration of science, technology, engineering, arts and math. 
There are 9 main elements of Arts-Integration:
1.  Students are learning principles of Constructivism (actively built, experiential, evolving, collaborative, problem-solving, and reflective).
2. Students are engaged in constructing and demonstrating understanding as opposed to just memorizing and reciting knowledge.
3. Students are constructing and demonstrating their understandings through an art form.
4. Students are engaged in a process of creating something original as opposed to copying or parroting.
5. Students will revise their products at least once.
6. The art form connects to other parts of the curriculum.
7. The connection is mutually reinforcing.
8. There is emphasis on both the art form the other subject areas, as well as specified learning objectives.
9. The objectives evolved since the last time the students engaged with this subject matter.
The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts does an excellent job outlining what arts-integration is and what it is not. We are proud to be a STEAM award winner and an arts-integrated school.