Afterschool Programs

Beginning in Kindergarten, students may choose to play violin, flute, trumpet, saxophone or clarinet. Students have opportunities to play at school events and for the greater community. In past years, students have played at the Jewish Home for the Aged and at L.A. City Hall for the Los Angeles city Chanukah celebration.
Team Sports: Soccer Team, Basketball Team
Beth Hillel Elementary School participates in the Valley Interscholastic Sports League, a league focused on teamwork and learning the rules of the game.
Mock Trial – Speech & Debate
Mock Trial helps our students exercise passion and conviction, with a love for critical thinking and dialogue. Students really get into debate! In this class, students learn to use logic and other rhetorical tools to support their positions and to express themselves succinctly and skillfully. Students learn to walk and talk with assuredness and purpose, overcome jitters and deliver speeches with confidence and animation.
In Chess Club we introduce chess to students in a fun and exciting way. For and all age levels, we teach students to play chess and help them succeed in school by stimulating their problem solving skills, analytical skills, and critical thinking. This class also includes trophies and prized for beating our Chess Master.
Each year we offer unique journalism opportunities, teaching the fundamentals of print journalism using technology through the use of iPads and digital photography. We sharpen children’s reporting skills with: fact finding, opinion vs. fact, article formatting, and interview techniques.
Young Architects 
Part math, part science, and part art, this Architecture class has it all. Using assorted architectural & bridge building model sets, decks of cards, toothpicks, marshmallows, and more, this class teaches basic drafting, scale, symmetry, proportion, and geometry. Students build iconic models and learn about famous architects.
Homework Club
Homework Club is a great value! Students get a quiet place to do their homework with no more than a 3:1 student:teacher ratio. The teachers are there to support, re-teach, answer questions, and best of all alleviate any struggles at home over homework.
Extended Care
Children love our Aftercare Program, which provides after school care to accommodate parents’ busy schedules. Children in this program are provided after school snacks and time to complete homework and play together. Through all of these interactions, students often develop close and lasting friendships within their class and across grade levels. Aftercare is available until 6 p.m. Monday-Thursday and Friday until 5:45 p.m.
Other Opportunities
Students and their families can also participate in the many activities offered at our parent organization, Temple Beth Hillel. For many of our families, Temple Beth Hillel is their home away from home. Families can join a Temple havurah (friendship group), participate in the Sisterhood or Brotherhood, or study in Temple adult education classes. Students can participate in the Boy and Girl Scout troops that meet on our campus, attend youth group events and join the Cantor’s Chanters Youth Choir. Younger siblings of Beth Hillel Elementary students can attend our Early Childhood Program. Day School graduates and older siblings can attend Religious School, prepare for bar or bat mitzvah, attend Confirmation classes, or serve as madrichim (teaching assistants) in the Religious School.