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  • Mazal Tov to these Science Fair winners!
  • These kiddos whipped up some Pantastic treats at today’s Peter Pan Themed Party Book Cooking Party! Thanks to Chef Shanti and Chef Shanna for opening up your enchanted kitchen.
  • Mrs. Naylor’s class unveiled their “Americans with Grit” exhibition showcasing the lives of resilient famous Americans. So proud of their hard work!
  • Our 4th and 5th graders spent the day experiencing a first-hand glimpse of America’s past at Riley’s Farm! 📸: @kschieber
  • Enjoying this beautiful day with a nice book!
  • Mrs. Naylor's class is working very hard on their Americans with Grit projects!📸:@naylormadein2ndgrade

Our Inclusive Community

In our tight-knit community, every child is acknowledged and celebrated on a daily basis and has the opportunities to form deep friendships that will last throughout his/her life. The small community breads confidence as well as opportunities for leadership. Our students enter middle school understanding that they are agents of change while knowing who they are and the values they hold true.

Morning Meeting

Every day begins with a 30 minute Morning Meeting, one of the tenets of Responsive Classroom. During this time, students greet each other, do an activity together, share news and read a morning message. Through this Morning Meeting, students’ sense of belonging, significance, and fun are targeted. Once these three feelings are ignited, students are prepared for a day of learning.

Responsive Classroom

We recognize that a child’s social and emotional growth is just as important as his/her academic growth. The Responsive Classroom approach is a widely used, research-backed approach to elementary education that increases academic achievement, decreases problem behaviors, improves social skills, and leads to more high-quality instruction. Through opportunities for autonomous choice-making, logical consequences and positive teacher language, classrooms become a place where students are challenged to grow their academic, social and emotional competencies on a daily basis.

Bucket Filling

Based on the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud, students learn a tangible metaphor for doing kind deeds for others. Through individual student buckets and classroom buckets, students are able to both give recognition to others who fill their buckets and receive recognition for kind deeds they have done. Bucket filling provides a simple language that all students can use to speak and think about the ways they treat others.

Public Speaking

Every child at Beth Hillel Elementary has many opportunities to speak in front of large groups on a regular basis. Whether it is a class presentation, leading Tefillah or facilitating the Morning Assembly for the school, Beth Hillel Elementary students learn public speaking skills starting in Transitional Kindergarten.

Student Buddies

Every child in Transitional Kindergarten through second grade is assigned a buddy from third through sixth grade. The buddy relationship blossoms throughout the year by joining together in Tefillah, celebrating holidays and creating a special friendship. Their partnership builds leadership skills for the older students while building the confidence of the younger students.