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Tuition Insurance

Program Overview:

Private school tuition is a significant investment. Tuition Insurance is a tool used to protect your investment. Your contract with Beth Hillel Day School is a legally binding contract with financial obligations, however student withdrawals are sometimes unavoidable. Qualifying cases can be submitted under the tuition insurance plan to assist in fulfilling the contracted tuition payments and are paid directly to the school. Your family will still be responsible for the uncovered portion of tuition payments or withdrawal outside of qualified circumstances. 

Qualifying Conditions: 

Withdrawal or Absence for Physician Sponsored Medical Reasons:

Withdrawal for other than Medical Reasons

Dismissal from the School

Annual Premium:

Every family is required to pay for the tuition insurance premium as a requirement of enrollment. The tuition insurance premium is a percentage of the total tuition costs paid by the family. This costs does not include tuition assistance awards, a portion of tuition dedicated to Temple Dues, or Student Activities Fees. The current tuition insurance rate is 3.1%.  

Steps to File a Claim:

  1. A withdrawal or dismissal notice is required in writing. Written withdrawal notices must be delivered to 12326 Riverside Dr. Valley Village, CA 91607. Attn: Beth Hillel Day School. Dismissal notices will be sent to the address the family provided via certified mail.
  2. After a formal written withdrawal or dismissal notice has been filed both the Day School and family of the enrolled student must complete the relevant paperwork to apply for a tuition insurance payment. These forms can be found in the school office or online on the school website. 
  3.  Once the required paperwork has been submitted by both the family and school administration, the Tuition Assistance Committee will review the materials provided to determine if the circumstances qualify the family for a tuition refund credited to their remaining contract balance. The Tuition Assistance Committee has up to 28 days to review the materials and make a determination aligned with the policy. 
  4. If approved the funds must be credited to the account within 10 days. The family is responsible for the remaining balance. 

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